French Canadians in the Political Life of the Province of Alberta (1891-2006)

Austin Mardon, Ernest G. Mardon, Allyson V. Ribar:

This thorough collection of biographies focuses on Alberta’s French Canadian politicians, and their impact in the political life of the province. These biographies explore the history of provincial and federal Franco-Albertain officials, the background behind many French place names in Alberta, and encompasses political activity from 1891 until 2006. Available also in French.

Mapping Alberta’s Judicial Leadership

Austin Mardon

This book presents information taken from a variety of sources, including newspapers, records, and interviews, to give an account of Alberta’s political leadership. Although no attempt has been made here to analyze voting patterns and behaviours, or to provide a detailed narrative account of individual election campaigns, much of the political history of Alberta can be read in theses biographical profiles.

Alberta Catholic Politicians

Austin Mardon

During the 20th century, Catholics accounted for approximately one third of the province’s population, and their influence has extended into the political realm. This resource is meant to be an objective collection of brief biographical entries featuring Catholic politicians in Alberta, both on provincial and federal elections. The author, Dr. Austin Mardon, has published other references of Alberta politicians including those featuring Mormons and Anglicans. He is involved in an ongoing project to chronicle all of Alberta’s politicians, past and present.

Alberta’s Political Pioneers: A Biographical Account of the United Farmers of Alberta

Austin Mardon

Come explore the history of Alberta`s rich political landscape and learn about the people who shaped the face of a province. Within these pages, you`ll meet the men and women who forged the politics of the region during the Roaring Twenties and the height of the Great Depression.

The Mormon Contribution to Alberta Politics

Austin Mardon

This book provides a compendium of biographies of those who are considered to be ethnically Mormon in Alberta who were involved in both provincial and federal politics over the past 120 years.

2004 Politicians

Austin Mardon & Ernest Mardon

This book is part of a series of works by the authors started in the early 1990s. Through compiling notes of candidates from geographic regions, the political trend can be mapped in an effort to understand the history of Alberta’s political history. This work presents a compilation of notes on the candidates of the 2004 election.

Lethbridge Politicians: Federal, Provincial & Civic

Austin Mardon

This digest of federal, provincial, and civic politicians of Lethbridge was undertaken by the same team that produced a pamphlet on Edmonton politicians several years ago. It appears in part in the Government of Alberta Department of Culture and Multiculturalism under the title of Alberta Election Returns: 1882-1993..

Who’s Who in Federal Politics in Alberta

Austin Mardon & Ernest Mardon

Dr. Ernest Mardon and Dr. Austin Mardon present a collection of biographies of politicians who are active in Federal politics but whom originated in Alberta. Their influence on Canada is not the focus, but rather the idea is to provide a starting point for those who wish to research this topic in the future.

Alberta Anglican Politicians

Austin Mardon

Alberta Anglican Politicians features a series of short biographies of over a century’s worth of Anglican politicians. During these men’s and women’s remarkable lives, all of them at one point of their life have found themselves living in the province of Alberta. They would all later go on to contribute the political system of Alberta and Canada by sitting in the Legislature or the House of Commons.

History and Origin of Alberta Constituencies

Austin Mardon

Delve into the rich history of Alberta’s constituencies from its inception, through WWI and into the Roaring Twenties. Gain insight into the creation and dissolution of Alberta’s internal political boundaries following the turn of the century.

Alberta Elections Returns 1887-1994

Austin Mardon

This book offers its readers an opportunity to gain insight into Alberta’s political past. This publication is based on a previous elections returns book, and details the names of politicians, the constituencies that they represented, the dates of their tenure, and party affiliation.

Alberta’s Judicial Leadership: A Biographical Account

Austin Mardon

Presented in this book are the biographies of Alberta’s judiciaries. It serves as a reference for anyone wishing to find information on Alberta’s judicial leadership over the past century. By having a compendium of biographies, interested researchers will be able to create interconnections and have accurate historical facts to base their research upon.

The Liberals in Power in Alberta

Austin Mardon

A compilation of Alberta provincial and federal candidates from 1905-1921, a time dominated by the Liberal Party. Brief biographical accounts of each individual serve to portray Alberta’s history through the actions and interactions of the politically inclined. As a reference material, Alberta Liberals in Power is structured to be both comprehensive and accessible to any casual or professional researcher. It examines the backgrounds of statesman without the intrusion of partiality that political texts often fall prey to. Compiled by Dr. Ernest Mardon and Dr. Austin Mardon, C.M. as part of a larger opus on the histories of Alberta’s politicians.

Alberta Ethnic German Politicians

Ernest Mardon, Austin Mardon & Catherine Mardon

This book presents biographies of Alberta politicians who are considered to be ethnically German. The candidates covered are those who, either successfully or unsuccessfully, ran for federal, provincial, or territorial positions from 1882 to 1990.

This work, and other similar compendiums by the same authors, allow a unique look into Alberta’s political history by tracing the individuals who helped shape our past.

Visionaries of a New Political Era

Austin Mardon

The book presents the men who paved the way for the creation of the Alberta ACT of 1905.

Scandinavian Politicians

Austin Mardon

A brief history of all of the Scandinavian politicians in Alberta, Canada since its inception in 1905.