Wake of Evil

Loretta Jackson

Follow Elaine Todd, a young woman working at the Todd Copper Mine, who is thrown into a world of deceit and mystery as she struggles to find who her heart belongs to –a handsome man with a dark past with her uncle, or her fiancé. A story of love, betrayal, and new beginnings, Wake of Evil will keep you reading from start to finish.

Dark Age Avengers

Marcel Chenard

Samson Leader is a Dwarven travel guide, and secretly a prince. When he joins the Avengers, the policing force for the continent, he gets mixed up with many evil chaotics. When Samson returns to the Dwarven Territories after 20 years of war his life changes.

When Kitty Met the Ghost

Austin Mardon & Ernest Mardon

Daughter of millionaire Arthur Conway, and lost heiress to a stolen fortune, Kitty and her father set out to untangle a devious plot with the help of hidden allies, but can their friends get to their aid before it is too late? Kitty and her father must uncover the truth about Torphin Castle and the village that burned to the ground. But when things go wrong, Kitty and her father get separated and it becomes a race against time to save lives. Read When Kitty Met the Ghost and find out the truth about the ‘Devil of the Dee’.

Schizophrenic’s Space Journey

Darren and Diane Aspden

The story of Odin and Heather, and their adventure traveling through space while escaping the clutches of a seemingly evil, marauding force.

The Girl Who Could Walk Through Walls

Austin Mardon & Ernest Mardon

When Kitty and her father, Arthur Conway, disappear under suspicious circumstances, it is up to their friends, Paul and Charles to uncover a sinister plot before it is too late. Can Kitty and her father survive long enough for their friends to find them? Can Paul and Charles save the Conways when they find themselves in the middle of the plot? Read The Girl Who Could Walk Through Walls to find out.